Unborn Me….

Beautiful would be this world

that I was imagining

when god ,almighty blew

into me the everlasting thing.

I’m eager to see myself grow

day by day and longing

to meet those who are

longing to meet me.

I could feel the kisses

of my elder brother

who is so caring

about this unborn me !

But wait there is something wrong

I don’t understand why

my mother is crying

Whoa man! ask my mother who is the reason?

Yes ,I could feel the answer

who is none other than  me.

For indeed  of my gender

my mom has got a very

difficult role in this INHUMANE SOCIETY.

For indeed it wasn’t she ,the faulty

But in fact it was he who mixed

the X and Y alphas.

I could feel my mother sorry for me

I could feel my loving brother

crying, for indeed his dreams

shattered of growing together

with this unborn me .

But it’s time when my

mother enters the ‘graveyard’

to give an unbearable send-off

to this ‘unborn me’ !





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