The Unforgetable Journey ….

From the day I was born till this very day I never left my mom ,In the sense that I never really stayed with anyone besides her .When my mom gave birth to my brother . she made sure that I was always beside her  .That night after my brother’s delivery  which was a caesarian , my mom made me to sleep beside her on that hospital bed where she laid ,in spite of continuous opposition from her sisters and my dad . But she never bothered to give a ear to their cry .

Well, this was the way I was brought up till this very day . But it was on 26/12/13   when everything had changed . My grandpa was very serious and admitted in the hospital .My mom had to be there as soon as possible ,since we live in abroad and my grandpa in India it would nearly take 14 hours of travel time .My dad also had to be there since he feared my mom would breakdown if something unexpected happened .My brother and I couldn’t accompany them since we had our  exams going on . So my parent’s had no option but to leave us alone with a timely supervision of our friendly neighbor .It was in the morning they had their flight ,my brother and I had already left to school .I am usually  excited to return home since I can brush off all the day’s happenings to my mom but that day I really didn’t feel like returning home since there would be no one to ask me of what I did or where I went . So I was just dawdling down the streets until my brother came since his bus  drops him a little late .When his bus finally dropped him ,we both headed to our home which was so somber without a soul in it .I just couldn’t control my tears ,for it was the first time I realized that feeling of not having the person whom I loved the most around me . Now being the big sister it was my duty to look after my brother -ALL ALONE BY MYSELF !!

With a heavy heart and in a state of mixed feelings of dilemma and  guiltiness ,I                     headed to the kitchen not knowing what to cook because my mom was always an excellent cook so I  never ever wished to learn but always hog at things she gave me. But when I entered the kitchen , the dining table was filled with various food items and letters . I didn’t  know  what were these since my mom never told me that she will either cook something for us or buy so many things before she started . I was truly moved by the sight,  but before that what truly moved me were the letters  –  my  mom and dad had written before they had started . It read so beautifully, I just loved them.

A week had passed by , I managed to take care of my brother ,though not to my mother’s level but somewhat close by . In the mean time I  learnt some new dishes  so as to not create a boredom to my brother towards food since he hardly eats any.

It was the end of the seventh day of my parent’s stay in India when I  got  a call from my dad  claiming that my grandpa had passed away. I was startled on listening to the news which I found  very difficult to say it to my brother ,who stood there convincing me for about 15 minutes to tell him what was the matter about ,since my brother and I loved grandpa very much we always look forward for our vacations to commence so that we could spend our vacation with him .

Without a peck of doubt,  surely those days of my life were the true reason behind me which made a girl who was so shy and innocent to become one of the most out spoken and friendly   .My perspective   of this world completed changed . It really made me to realize the fact that I will soon be becoming  a grown up who has to stand-up and face the challenges which this society will be posing and there would be no parent at my disposal Also, learning how to cook would always come in handy any time without having to regret for the past actions 🙂

Truly ,that  was an  unforgettable journey  of   my teenage life which will remain in my  memory forever ……

And before I end my post ,I would like to wish all the beautiful ladies out there an amazing Mother’s Day . For indeed , It is only a Mother who could very well understand the situation of her child , what so ever her child may say to convince her . Truly , a Mother’s   love is imperishable by what ever force this earth can offer …LOVE YOU MOM.



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