The song of nature …

A full moon sky ,

Where stars blend into constellations,

Immersed in deep thoughts 

Of sorrow and delight ,is me 

Sitting under a pine wood tree .

The Owls hoot their cries and 

Doves their lullabies.

Composing it to a song ,

Song of the nature —is my duty .

The roots provide me comfort ,

To continue my work with ease .

The zephyr calms me further ,

Helping forgo the pain of loneliness . 

The colonies therein provide security ,

Security against the gale and monsters.

With a quill in my hand ,I compose the song to be heard forever .

Yet ,only the woods —my listener with all the beings within . 

No human will ever know my presence ,

For the moon and it’s entirety is my only pal.

Still encouragement gushes in for me , 

Not from the folks out there ,but from nature itself .

For writing this song for them,

Who will remain as my soulmates forever ,

And protect me even after my departure,

 From the uncanny humanfolks .

– Ism


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