Simplicity …

For my generation

And those to come after   ,

I write to tell the meaning of simplicity.

It’s neither a city as termed nor so simple as it says .

It’s just a word ,a word so powerful in it’s self .

The world may throw barrels of complexity ,

Yet , dealing it in the best of ways with calmness at heart

And belief in oneself is what simplicity is about .

The rich may become richer or poor may become poorer ,

But it is simplicity which determines their next step .

A person may write thousands of phrases ,

But it’s simplicity which helps him become a author ,

Since his writings can be felt in the heart of thousands out there

And same is the case with poets .

To be frank ,to be clear , to be plain,to be what not to be ,

Is what simplicity is all about ..


Today’s daily prompt :Simplicity


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