With a heavy heart 

And trembling tongue ,

I sat next to him to confess ,

Confess why it has to end . 

A relation full of happiness,love and caring ,

With petty fights but with lovely rejoins ,

Little discomforts but great understandings,

Had to end due to a mere report …

Dated 17/2/16 ,a medical report in white ,

With inscribed writing of black ,

Stated the reason of my withdrawal , 

“You have two blocks in your heart”.

Words do gush out ,but to no good.

I look at his eyes and finally speak up . 

Not of my problem , but what would life be without me . 

He tries to hide his watery eyes 

And makes little jokes to cheer up.

I cover his mouth and confess my presence ,

Leaving him dumb folded ,

Yet hard to digest .

He says it’s just a myth and not to believe it, 

But truth is truth which cannot be changed whatsoever.

He brushes my hair and let’s go of me ,

With a heavy heart ,I had initially…



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