A saviour… 

Sitting at the park -bench,

With a pen and a paper in my hand,

A girl of six ,came to me-

With a beautiful eyes of blue  

And a face full of innocence.

She hugged me and gave a kiss ,

Startled at her friendliness,

I gave her a kiss back .

Looking at my eyes,

She spoke up ,not with words 

But with actions ,

Actions which I could make out —

Of a language ,only a blessed sector knew…

She was dumb and deaf .

Trying to convey a message —

Something very important ,

But my head couldn’t get it.

Still she tried telling me ,

With a hope I get it .

Finally , I tried writing on my piece Of paper ,

Words which I could make out .

It read —”love you ,but you look sad ,

Sadness shouldn’t be in life 

For it will harass you.

Look at me , I look so happy …”

With a teary eyes I looked at her,

She hugged me again and said 

“Can I be your best buddy ?”.

Till that very moment ,

Loneliness had conquered me.

But a companion was all I needed,

To hear my feelings ,

feelings which couldn’t reach the grown-ups —

Filled with various expirence ,yet with no learning .

Her tender words of love ,  

Saved me from a place in my heart-

Tangled with grief ,

Which had seemed so impenetrable ,till then …



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