As I was lost in my dreams ,

Dreams of life and love .

Something stood next to me-

Huge and gigantic .

Just then I realized it was my favorite-

Cherry blossom,Beautifully done.

As I admired it’s physique,

A zephyr passed over me —

A kiss of nature to it’s admirer .

A feel of peace hovered my person.

Touching the trunk with my wet hands ,

A feeling of belonging ,

Belonging to a person who I knew – no more , 

Engulfed my outer .

Feeling weary of it ,

Drowsiness overtook me …

Someone woke me up from,

From a dreamless sleep .

It wasn’t any human but instead ,

was a cherry blossom shower .

As I sat drenched in it ,

A beautiful sight captured my heart-

A Phoenix swooping against the mulberry backdrop . 

Sitting ecstatically I looked at the cherry blossom ,

Suddenly a zephyr passed over me…


Image credits :Camille Albrecht


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