Sleep paralysis…

When the black thread distinguishes from the white ,
the morning glory folds up,
an owl’s hooting heard from a distant tree,
with no one asleep besides me—
on the layer of coir,
a ray of smoke swishes past my feet,
a strange feeling of loneliness engulfs me .
From one reason to another gushes my mind,
my mind filled with terror and horror
just then —
just then something clenches my chest,
with the window unbolted at the hallway-
a ray of hope ,my mouth opens ,
only to be heard —aid to rescue,
yet no words only air swooshes out,
despair overtakes me ;
a huge figure in black stands guarding –
my body and soul caught in prison.
With no spare switch to activate my senses,
I lay there only to be awakened ,
awakened by slightest of sounds .


(Image credits :Unknown)


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