Blogger Recognition Award…

So I have been nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award …

Thanks to all my fellow readers for continuing their support and making this journey a beautiful one …

My big fat thanks to Anika ( for having me nominated, it truly means a lot!

Do check out her blog ,It’s an amazing piece of work …

My journey as a blogger :

It all started on 07/05/2016 when I was sitting alone in my room thinking about my 12th grade results which was predicted to be announced either on the 10th or 21th of the month .Anxiety was filling my person and I had no one to talk to regarding this subject .My friends had returned to India and my parents forbidden me to utter a word regarding this subject (because they believed that it was something which is prone to happen and cannot be changed even if one keeps on talking about it . Yes it was perfectly true ..) so the only thing that was left to add fuel to the fire was a mental breakdown . I opened up Quora and  surfed some related questions , coming across various tips to avoid clinical depression ,it was only in one answer wherein the author( I don’t remember the name ) suggested to start of with blogs . Blogs?? I had no Idea what were these at the first place so I started surfing for those and WordPress stood before.I happily opened it and typed my email id to open a new account but it wasn’t accepting instead was displaying some error message – This mail id already exits !!!…I was so shocked , who on earth could use my email-id , I tried resetting the password and voila I was able to do it. But now  I entered , another issue crept in my mind … WHAT TO WRITE ?? , I sought the help of my dear diary (on whom I dump all my random thoughts..;) ) and then it was done.So that’s how I landed here…

Advice to my fellow bloggers:

(Disclaimer : I’m just a teenager , starting to taste what the meaning of life is . There are many people out here who are so aged .I know I am no one to advice but the below is just my concern )

Blogs are place were both healthy and wrecked people come together to share there stories , everyone’s content is beautiful in one way or the other because every individual is unique in this world . We as fellow bloggers should make it a point to encourage both the new and old bloggers here in WordPress. Also it’s always good to be generous , wherever someone new likes your post , do make it a point to visit their blog and follow if you like their content,this is how we can increase this blogosphere . Remember!! We all are one huge family who needs each other’s  support.

Another advice I Would like to give is (THE MOST IMPORTANT!!): Open your heart and let the word’s flow out … REMEMBER To Always be yourself no matter what ..

Bloggers I would like to nominate :

‘ALL’ would be my answer, but due to the restrictions on the number to be nominated ,I’ll just leave a comment in the blogs of my fellow bloggers , I’ll be nominating  .

Rules to follow :

1.Write a post to show your award.
2.Thank the one who nominated you.
3.Briefly describe your journey as a blogger.
4.Give advice to other bloggers.
5.Nominate the deserving ones

P.S: My parents are the most beautiful people I have in my life , they were just concerned about my health ,that’s why they didn’t want me to take tension because they know their daughter always gives her best …. 🙂



14 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award…

  1. Thanks for having me nominated, it means a lot !
    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to take up the challenge, I’m aiming to write exclusively travel-related articles.
    Keep up the good work, you are doing a fantastic job here !

    Liked by 1 person

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