Haiku:My shadow…

My companion in dark,
Crawling through the labyrinth-
You won’t leave me alone.

Let others shun me in,
Between roots of the mangroves,
You stand guarding my soul.

Huge and gigantic shape ,
Let others get frightened by,
For you reflect myself.

You,a black hole in form
My agonies get dissolved—
Companion forever.


In response to TJ’s household haiku prompt :Shadow 


2 thoughts on “Haiku:My shadow…

  1. Beautiful ….
    (6-7-6 | 6-7-6|6-7-6|6-7-6) Is this the syllable count ??
    Wow !! good job .

    Liked by 2 people

    1. thanks you .. that’s the syllable count 🙂


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