Mighty soul …

She danced with all her might ,

With the sun above her head and earth beneath her mighty feet—

Listening to the heavenly song;

Suddenly, she fell with no warning,

To lay forever like the untouched white flower.



On 15-07-16,a small yet a tragic incident took place in my neighborhood . One of my neighbor’s daughter ( as well as a good friend of mine) who was also an award winning dancer ,was practicing a new step wherein she had to whirl. While doing that ,she fell unconscious and later declared dead.

In remembrance of her , I wrote the above poem which was merely coinciding with the Foto challenge created by Vinayak .

Truly,death is so inevitable ..


2 thoughts on “Mighty soul …

  1. Such a moving poem for your friend, Ismath. Like the flower, some beautiful and gifted souls only pass through life very briefly and sparkle for everyone they meet. Thank you for sharing and much love to you 💕

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    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words , her passing away was a lesson for me to learn from-every second of my life should be used for nothing but only good .
      That’s why I’m looking out to working with kids with special needs … Hopefully the group accepts me as their volunteer 😌

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