A call to Peace …

All Adorable creatures of God ,

Calling all to unite for one cause,
Against those who hate what we like .
Let’s love one another atleast for a day,
Let this day extend till the end of time.

Together let’s stand holding our hands with love ,
Ought not with lust but with brotherly and sisterly love.

Protect not yourself  but the others .
Envying leads to nothingness,
Amicably let’s be one forever,
Caring for the needy and the oppressed,
Enlightenment will truly be showered.



Lovely friends ! 

Let’s all join together and make this one a big success,by spreading the message of peace…

Compose a poem related to the theme PEACE and add it in the comments box of the following link:



21 thoughts on “A call to Peace …

      1. That’s so sweet of you to say. I’m glad you have a good time reading my posts that inspire you. Not just my words, but my doodles as well. Thank you so much! I’m truly grateful to you. Have a great day! Keep smiling!

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      1. I didn’t get you … You have no idea what to write ? … If that’s the case why don’t you check out for 30-day challenge prompts and start writing on it . It’s a good way to start ,any help just ask me ..

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      2. I’ll tell you what , check out my first post … It was just a disaster but slowly itself one will improve … Don’t give up at the first go itself … Try , obviously everyone needs time to improve.
        Also , don’t loose hope when your fist post gets very little or Nil likes … Give people time to recognize who you are . The only thing you have to do is just speak your mind , that’s just enough !

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