Free verse : Filthy Truth…

With the advent of technology , we are getting exposed to more and more contents which were once seen in private . Casual sex has become a common thing amongst most of the teenagers these days . The below is a poem which I wrote with context to a girl who suicided today just because she was not allowed to be with her boyfriend.

Surely our parents have crossed our age and know more than us . Why not obey them ! 

Tangled once again !
My heart beats  with his ,
My breath mixes with his ,
My lips itches wet
Dreams flash like lightning ,
With desire to be his forever .
Nay! Desires are ample 
But obstacles do outsize ,
With caretakers around
Withdrawn from him ,
Once and for all
Never to see him again . 



3 thoughts on “Free verse : Filthy Truth…

  1. truelove
    should be respected
    has no boundaries

    to love in secret
    truelove will always find time
    no disgrace

    i left home for mine
    natures true calling…. true love
    forty eight years still we

    could not of lived without her from the beginning
    and should she die before me now, I’d follow
    there would be know tomorrows, she lived for me
    I’ll die for her, so our life together will never end
    ere our parents, our family, truelove knows no boundaries

    Much respect,



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