Every second spent in this world is source of adventure, since life itself is an amazing adventurous trip every soul on this prodigious planet Earth witnesses …..

My quest for this wonderful journey started when I was around 6-months old ,along with my parents . My dad was a Sales Engineer back then ,so my mom and I had to lead a sort of ‘nomadic life ‘ due to my dad’s profession. But these journeys of my life were truly an eye-opener to my world of Imagination .

Ismath is my name . I am a 17 year old teenager, who is so fun-lovingly awesome but at times very emotional .The below was a poem I recently published ,which describes me in good terms …

” As the days pass by ,

I sit here to think about my uncanny lifestyle ,

For I am a girl who is fun-lovingly shy 

Yet dreams for a scene of lullaby 

But do understand that this world is for passersby ,

Aims are cliffs – so high 

For they are achievable if simplify,

This world is a place to beautify 

But miles to go before , to testify 

Now off I go – bye , bye!! “

I love Writing for I believe that ,it  is the way through which knowledge has been spread and is spreading from time immemorial . One form of Writing is ‘Poetry‘, it is this which truly rips me  from this world and takes me to a whole new realm . Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘I CANNOT REMEMBER MY MOTHER’ was such a beauty , ‘ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE’ by William Shakespeare  was truly WOW !!

Reading was/is one of the best habits which my parents nurtured to me from a very young age . Obviously without any Reading habits , a person can never consider himself to be wise because books are the source of wisdom . Let it be Fiction ,Non-fiction, Adventure, Romantic, Religious , etc. My choice for books changes as I move from one to the other since for me it is not the category which matters but what the author is trying to convey through their works…

‘But I Always dreamt that some day I would enter the platform 9 3/4 and meet my favorite Headmaster Dumbledore with the help of Hagrid .But to my dismay he is no more :{…Well, anyways Harry Potter series was truly amazing.’

 Photography is yet another place where I love focusing on. It is this which helps one to re-live his memories and make those memories immortal , even though we humans are transient. However, with the advent of technology  everyone is a ‘Photographer’ but not all are ‘Photography Artists’  ,since it requires true dedication , love and thirst towards this task .

This page (Mychoice360) is my own space in this gigantic world of internet .It reflects my views and thoughts which basically relates to any of my above mentioned passions.

I resolved to use ‘Mychoice360‘  as my blog name was because it clearly conveys the message that ‘This is my space where I can exercise my choice to express things which concern me to a very great extent – 360 degree’

So yes ,that’s all About Me & My Page . I hope that my posts truly brings some meaning to the time I spend in writing as well as you spend, reading it .

Hope you’ll enjoy …




54 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for liking my recent post. I’m surprised to see that someone as young as yourself has such a mature perspective on life. I share your enthusiasm for reading also. Reading is key to learning more about the world around you and is a fundamental habit for becoming a good writer.

    I look forward to reading more of your stuff. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Well, I love writing too. I love reading (and the harry potter series!! and have created a blog, my primary site, all about that called Mybookylife. But, I wanted a space where I could write so I created a sperate one called Pondering Possibly. It’s for my thoughts.My Ponderings.About the Possibilities.And Impossibilities. In short, little random pieces of writing.

    I think it’s pretty cool to have a pen name- I’ve always wanted one but have never come up with something,well, me.
    That poem was really good, you must be a talented writer! I love books too and my mum was a bit of a book nerd too, so i just inherited the bookiness!

    I’m always fascinated by Photographers. The way they capture a moment in one click is truly amazing!

    Your blog seems great, carry on being an amazing person!

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    1. Wow !! So delighted to hear from u … It seems I have found someone who resembles me in almost all likings .. Thanks a lot .. Surely I’ll be an amazing person 🙂 .. Hope to read from you .

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  3. Thanks for liking my poetry – and for your comment here that writing is the way that knowledge is spread, especially poetry, which “rips me from this world and takes me to a whole new realm.” Exactly how I feel when I open my notebook and start putting pen to page… All the best!

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      1. Thanks! Umm wow that was weird. Maybe we’re related. JK. Or you can predict the future. Has anything like this happened before? I’m interested to know.- Airg(not my name btw)

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      2. I know that’s not your name ( hehehe !!) , hmm… Well I certainly don’t know how can this happen . Nope !! I can’t predict the future 😉 … But it’s really funny ,I love coincidence . Yeah! Somewhere we can be related , really would love to find that point 🙂 🙂

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  4. Hello Ism! Happy to meet you here in blogosphere and I am beyond happy to have met another poetry enthusiast like you. YAY! I love that you adore the works of William Shakespeare as much as I do, too. Will be looking forward to reading more from you. Have a lovely day!! 😉

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    1. Oops! I’m sorry , I was in a sleepy mood … Thank you for visiting my blog and taking time to make a valuable comment ….Yes,Whoever you ask, everyone seems to be a photographer… Haha ! Based on that I just made a comment 😊. Thanks once again for visiting my page 😊

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  5. Hiya Ismath,
    I’ve presented you with the Versatile Blogger Award – ta-daaa!
    I’ve chosen you for this prestigious award because you’ve Liked another award I won in last couple of days – so you only have yourself to blame!😀
    The direct link to your award, and the instructions is https://levishedated.wordpress.com/2016/07/29/versatile-blogger-award/
    I do hope you have fun with this.:)
    Kindness – Robert.

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  6. Hiya, Ismath – you seem like a fun-loving kind of a person – I’m glad to have found your blog. Right, I’m off to have a mosey around – opening up all your drawers, looking in the back of your closet, examining the posters on your wall and looking out of your window to see what I can see. Oh, is that a secret journal I see under your bed? I’m on it! 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

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  7. What an open and honest way to share about yourself! You have already lived a lot of things for such a young lady. Thanks for stopping by my new site and following. I hope you enjoy the music! Enjoy your day…


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